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Seeing is dis-believing.
When I first witnessed this therapy I was incredulous! The therapist moved in flowing, graceful and perpetual motion around the patient who, although standing, was in a completely relaxed state. He made no physical contact with the patient yet it appeared as if he held invisible rods with which he was able to push and pull her gently around the room.
Upon experiencing Bi-Aura for myself I was aware of chills, drafts, intense timglin and sensations reminiscent of bubblewrap popping inside my body. In the few days following each session I noticed subtle changes in my physical health and well being. After three sessions my long term lower back and digestion problems had become a thing of the past.
How could such a bizarre hands off therapy be so powerful and clinically effective?"

Ancient Wisdom - Modern Science
Everything on this earth, and indeed the earth itself consists of, and exists through, energy. Every material thing, whether it be rock, plant or animal, remains distinct and recognisable through the nature of the energy field surrounding and interpenetrating that body.
When one considers that over 98% of any physical and apparently solid object is actually empty space, we begin to understand that, as modern scientists tell us, space is not empty but brimming with intelligent energy.
It is this energy, which not only holds the molecules of a body in place but also contains the blueprint for that body. This was known in ancient China where reference to such an energy field was made in the I Ching about 1122BC and descriptions are also to be found in the Vedas of India. The Vedas are estimated to be at least 5000 years old and the fruit of an ancient oral tradition.
The energy field of the body is a fusion of two forms of energy, i.e. cosmic energy, which comes to us from space and beyond, and earth energy, which is energy arising from the planet.
The body contains vortices of energy, known as chakras (the Sanskrit term for wheel), which are located at specific places in the body. These chakras act as energy receivers, generators and transformers. They receive universal energy entering at the crown of the head and earth energy entering at the base of the spine, this energy flows up and down the centre of the body meeting at other major chakras. Individual charkas transform the energies to vibrate at the appropriate frequency required to feed the organs of the body dependent on that charka.
Beyond the physical body but penetrating it, are several interconnecting layers or bodies of energy - these make up the energy field otherwise known as the aura and there is a constant exchange of energy and information between the chakras and the aura.

How Bio-Energy works
It is because the body is a physical manifestation of energy that it is possible for the body to be successfully treated using energy techniques. All illness and chronic pain is encoded in the energy matrix of the aura in the form of energy blockages or disturbances. These may have arisen suddenly as a result of physical, mental or emotional trauma or over a period of time through established mental patterns of stress, anxiety or fear. These blockages become locked in the auric field and obstruct the healing flow of energy. Negative thought patterns also have existence within the aura - they are crystallised energy that is unable to flow back to source because the person is unable to let these patterns go. When these blockages are dispersed and the energy flow is restored healing is carried throughout the body, right down to cellular level.
The bodys natural instinct is to heal itself and the healing energy is always present so if we can remove whatever is preventing us from receiving this energy, then definitely our health will improve.
Bi-Aura therapists are trained to locate imbalances in the energy system, determine their nature and how to correct them, using a series of hand movements. By raising the vibration of their own energy, therapists are able to attract energy to deficient areas and to draw trapped or blocked energy out of the aura and chakras. Therapists are also advised how to help recipients of Bi-Aura therapy to identify why these imbalances may have occurred, how they can participate in their own healing and learn to decipher the bodys message.
The left side of the body is regarded as the side that takes in or accepts and the right side as the side that lets go or gives. The back of the body is associated with the past and the will, while the front of the body is associated with the present and emotions. Understanding and evaluating this enables the therapist to assess whether an energy blockage has a physical and/or emotional root and whether it is a past or present issue.
There are three main types of response to Bi-Aura Therapy:
1. An immediate improvement in health, often with significant cessation of pain.
2. An apparent, slight deterioration (often referred to as a healing crisis) as the body adjusts to the changed energy flow.
3. No apparent change but a later realization that the ailment has gradually faded away.

Recipients of Bi-Aura therapy are asked to commit to a minimum of three sessions as, although it is usual for people to be aware of subtle changes after only one session, deep seated energy blocks may take several sessions to break down. During sessions a variety of sensations may be experienced such as tingling, heat, cold, a feeling of lightness and a deep sense of relaxation. As Bi-Aura therapy is a cleansing detoxing process during a couple of sessions recipients are asked to refrain from an excess of tea, coffee and alcohol and substitute these with water as much as possible. Equally other energy therapies such as craniosacral or acupuncture should not be undertaken at the same time as this could hinder accurate assessment.
Following sessions some people may find that current or previous symptoms appear to be worsening. This is a transient period and is a positive sign that the energy field is clearing and the healing process has begun. It is important to continue with sessions at this point to clear the associated energy from the energy field.
A quote from client Ken Anderson, who suffered from chronic fatigue:

"After my second session I experienced symptoms similar to those felt during the bout of influenza, although they were not nearly as severe as during the actual illness itself I felt fairly unwell for about four days. Following this period I was pleasantly surprised to find myself once more able to undertake tasks in a manner I had once thought of as perfectly natural. It was a source of personal happiness to find myself becoming pleasantly tired instead of feeling bad tempered and totally drained of energy."

This is not always the case and many people report feeling no particular sensations during the session yet experiencing immediate benefits. As in this quote from Malcolm Maine:

"I was amazed to discover after one session of Bi-Aura therapy the pain I had experienced in my arms for over three years had vanished and was even more delighted when it did not return."

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