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Practitioners of Bio-Energetics, or Energy Medicine, tend to use individual techniques and methods. Generally though, the therapy involves the unblocking and redirecting of the body's natural energy forces, allowing the body to heal itself. Usually, a technique of gentle hand movements on or near the body is used.

Bio-energy theory states that we all have energy that flows in and around us. There are seven main energy centres in the body (Chakras) and energy circulates into and throughout the body between the chakras via a system of channels (meridians) that could be described as looking like energetic blood vessels. Bio-energy is referred to as chi in Chinese Medicine and as prana in Ayurvedic Medicine and it is in a state of continuous flow throughout the body.
The bio-energetic flow creates an electromagnetic field around the body referred to as the aura. A disturbance to the flow of bio-energy such as a blockage, depletion, or an oversupply of energy to one part, manifests as an illness on a physical or emotional level. This disturbance to the bio-energy flow can be detected even before an illness starts by scanning the magnetic field of the patient.
A bio-energy therapist is able to diagnose any disturbance to the energy flow by scanning the energy field of the patient using a series of hand movements, then will correct any energy imbalance by directing and manipulating the energy. During treatment, many patients report feelings of heat, tingling, coolness, or slight pulling sensations. These are all aspects of bio-energy balancing and release taking place within the body.