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Bio-energy therapy is an ancient Chinese healing therapy which originated in China around 1122 BC.

Bio-energy is based on the fact we are all energy beings; we all have energy that passes around us and through us, the Chinese call this chi.
The Chinese believe that all illness starts in the energy system first, before it moves into the physical body.
Energy flow becomes blocked when the chakras, the energy centres in our body, can't or won't process the energy because of congestion or being over worked. The chakras act as energy transformers, transforming the energy that flows in and sending it throughout our body. This can be highlighted by stress, we all know that stress starts outside our body in our circumstances or our environment, but in a very short space of time we feel it in our physical body.
Bio-energy is about locating the problem areas then, using gentle hand movements, correct or rebalance the area so the body's own healing and recovery process can begin to work.
A bio-energy therapy session will usually last for one hour for adults and half an hour for children. The session is shorter for children as they are more sensitive to the energy flow and react more quickly. Depending on the size or ailment in an animal, the session times will also be either one hour or half an hour.
By passing hands over the body from a distance, the practitioner immediately recognises whether the body is being affected or impaired by blockages in the energy flow. The practitioner will feel a hot or cold sensation in areas that are blocked, these are the areas that are concentrated on to release the blockage. In most cases, a course of further treatment is then agreed to aid the bodys recovery.
During treatment the hands of the practitioner interact with the energy of the patient, this revitalises the body's energy flow and balance. The bodys natural healing abilities can then restore the patients good health.

Each patient is individual, consequently it is not possible to forecast any results other than to suggest a potential response based on previous experience. Many patients say their health has improved, this is often obvious to the eye.
Every patient and condition are different, but the success does not depend upon the belief of the patient as does spiritual healing, the effect is a matter of physics. Bioenergy Healing works best as a preventative treatment and full lifestyle guidance will be provided.
Once a course of remedial treatment is complete, the patient should then undertake regular healing sessions to maintain a good circulation of energy within their body. This will help strengthen their immune system which allows the body to cope with future problems more effectively.
It should be remembered that bioenergy therapy is complementary to traditional medicine and any course of treatment recommended by your doctor still needs to be followed, you must continue to consult your doctor for medication.
Bio-energy was founded in 2000 to promote this method of complementary healing to the public and corporate communities; we incorporated as a company on 11th July 2002. As little is stated through conventional medical channels we can provide the information and guidance on the benefits of bioenergy therapy as an aid to preventative and healing processes.