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The Rife Machine


The Rife Machine was a remarkable healing device first created and tested in the USA during the 1930s by the scientist and inventor Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, and then lost to humanity for the next 65 years as a result of medical suppression. The device utilised the law of resonance and was able to produce profound health benefits and treat many diseases, both chronic and infectious.
Its main mode of action was to electromagnetically destroy pathogenic micro-organisms i.e. viruses, bacteria, fungi (candida) and other pathogens without harming healthy tissue. The results were achieved by the so called opera singer effect. Just as a wine glass can be shattered by a particular frequency of an operas singers voice (without destroying surrounding objects), so Rife discovered he could use a specific electromagnetic frequency to destroy a bacteria or virus, which would destroy the targeted disease organism without harming surrounding tissues.

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