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Aura Work/Auras


The aura is an energy field which exists around all living things, including inanimate matter. Everything has an aura and even the scientist will now acknowledge that so-called dead matter has life forces at work.

Because we live in the modern world with all its attendant stresses and business, the aura is not a feature which we generally notice. However, this energy field has texture, colour and temperature, and with the discovery or Kirlian photography, we are now provided with a visual record of the aura.
Healing mediums use the colours in a person's aura to direct them to the site of physical problems. It often happens that disease is indicated by the etheric aura long before it becomes evident in the physical and it is in this etheric body that the real remedial action begins. If the indications can be seen in the aura, then it is possible to treat them on that level.
There are some people who draw in vital energy in such abundance that their auras are charged and they radiate this energy.
When these people enter a room other peoples vital forces are so stimulated, that it may be heard said their mere presence gives strength to those around them. I am sure that everybody has heard of people being termed green fingered - these are people who transmit auric energy to plant life - that these people do not consciously realise their possession of this power does not matter in the least. Not only can energies be transmitted to human beings, animals and plants, they can also be poured into and charge inanimate objects such as stones, jewels, oils, etc. These objects will then act as a kind of magnetic battery, pouring their charge of energy out as required.

How to sense the aura
Focus your gaze on another person - breathe deeply and slowly, and remain relaxed. After some minutes, you will gradually begin to perceive an ovoid shape extending out from the body - you may note different hues within the aura and some may readily note holes and clouds. It will take several practice sessions to achieve, but it is certainly worth the effort. Of course, if you wish to view your own aura without all the attendant effort, you can arrange to have a Kirlian photograph taken.


Colours in the Aura

AQUA - Healers
BLACK - Often seen in auras of abused children or drug addicts
BLUE - (Pale)Sensitivity 
BLUE - (Sky) Strong natural instincts
BLUE - (Cobalt) Intuition from higher dimensions
BLUE - (Prussian) Harmony
BLUE - (Royal) Stability
BLUE - (Delft) Strong ethics
BLUE - (Navy) Slow, safe, sure people
BLUE - (Indigo) Strong psychic ability
BLUE - (Ultramarine) Seen in auras of people who are around the sea
BROWN - Environmentalists and land workers
BROWN - (Russett) A hard working person
BROWN - (Terracotta) A challenger of convention
BROWN - (Dark) Denotes commonsense
GREEN - (Pale) Spiritual advancement
GREEN - (Apple) Healers
GREEN - (Jade) Charitable nature
GREEN - (Olive) A "scrooge"
GREEN - (Dark) Mental stress
GREEN - (Turquoise) Success
RED - (Scarlet) Strength
RED - (Carmine) Seeking change
RED - (Crimson) Creativity
PURPLE - (Lilac) Spiritual balance
PURPLE - (Magenta) Entrepreneurs
PURPLE - (Mauve) Humble
PURPLE - (Maroon) Self empowerment
GREY - Feeling trapped
GREY - (Dark) Depression
SILVER - Link with spirit realm
ORANGE - Strong motivation
PINK - Loyalty and commitment
PEARL - Seen in auras of authentic mediums
YELLOW - (Amber) Personal strength and courage
YELLOW - (Lemon) Strength of direction
YELLOW - (Gold) Spiritual inspiration and communication
PRIMROSE - Optimism

Article by Derek Acorah