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Vibrational Medicine


Vibrational Medicine is the use of natural energies or vibrational frequencies to promote harmony and healing at all levels physical, mental / emotional and spiritual.
The source of the natural energies or vibrational frequencies used can be Flowers, Gems, Crystals, Minerals, Colours, Light etc.
Methods of using these different vibrational frequencies vary depending on the therapy used.

Used correctly and systematically over a period of time vibrational medicine can offer healing help with any condition - mental, emotional or physical.
Obviously, if you have a severe physical illness or disease using vibrational essences does not replace medical treatment, however it will compliment and help that treatment on subtle levels.
As we are dealing with causes rather than symptoms, the effects are gradual and cumulative taking place over a period of time as the healing is assimilated throughout your energetic system.
Information by: The College of Vibrational Medicine
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