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There are many different interpretations and explanations of the chakra system as many healers and therapists describe them from their perspective. Despite this however, there is a common a description of chakras being spinning wheels or a vortex of energy. There are many such chakras situated all over the body but there are 7 main chakras which link to the colour spectrum and these are located along the spine. Once again differing traditions give these chakras different colours but most are in agreement that the chakras vibrate to a given frequency which is at its lowest in the base/root (muladhara) chakra (located at the bottom of the spine) and at its highest in the crown (sahasrara) chakra (on top of the head).
These spinning vortexes attract and repel energy of similar frequency, the belief being that we draw into our lives the experiences we require in order to progress in life, personally evolve and achieve a higher spiritual awareness.

The chakras are the bodies centres of energy and vital to the well being of the whole person. They are the energy centres through which our spiritual and emotional energies flow. The word Chakra is taken from Hindi and means wheel of energy There are seven chakras or energy centres within the body.
Each chakra has certain characteristics and influences a different aspect of the personality. The correct flow of energies through the chakras is vital for health. When the flow of prana, or energy is blocked, dis-ease results.

The Base Chakra, Mooladhara - This chakra controls the basic human survival instincts and provides an essential grounding. Our most basic human instincts originate from this Chakra.
The Sacral Chakra, Swadisthan Manipura - This is linked to sexuality and reproductive capacity.
The Solar Plexus, Nabhi - This chakra is said to direct our awareness of self within the world. This is the seat of our emotional life and existence.
The Heart Chakra, Anhata - Connected to love and compassion. This chakra is the centre of feelings of love, harmony and peace.
The Throat Chakra, Vishuddhi - Linked to individual creativity and communication.
The Brow Chakra, Ajjna - This chakra forms the seat of both intuition and also awareness. It is seen as the seat of perception, often perception beyond our physical senses.
The Crown Chakra, Sahasrara- This chakra links to the persons spiritual connection with the universe around them, the link with the divine. This chakra also balances he interior and exterior energies of a persons existence, linking them to the world around them.
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