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Education and training for Bi-Aura

The Bi-Aura Foundation

As Maire increased the awareness of Bi-Aura Therapy in the UK, the demand for training grew. It took Maire two years to find a trainer who shared her vision and dream - Michael DAlton.
Michael was training Bio-Energy in Ireland and held a reputation for teaching in a practical, down to earth manner with great effectiveness. He joined forces with Maire and their first course in Scotland was a great success. Since then he and his co-trainers have completed 12 diploma courses in the UK and Ireland. In the early stages Michael DAlton lead all the training assisted by his co-trainers, but as the demand for training has increased Michael is no longer in a position to present all of the courses personally. In anticipation of this, for the last two years he has coached his trainers to lead the training with Michael taking a supervisory role.
UK trainer Lynne Ridley has been involved with Bio-Energy since it first arrived in the UK and the evolution of the Bi-Aura Foundation since its conception. Lynne is based at the Bi-Aura Foundation UK headquarters in Northumberland, where she divides her time between assisting in the general management of the Foundation, in support and training as well as running her own successful Bi-Aura Practice. A trained counsellor and therapist, Lynne derives great satisfaction from her work and was one of the first to apply the Bi-Aura techniques to animals, from sheep to racehorses, with great success. Her enthusiasm for Bi-Aura is always evident and she has a natural ability to inspire equal enthusiasm in her students.

The Bi-Aura Foundation offers Bi-Aura Diploma courses and workshops.
Bi-Aura workshops are designed to provide an insight into the theory of energy therapy, create an awareness of how we unconsciously influence our lives and to provide the tools for change.
Participants are usually delighted to find that they have gained sufficient knowledge of the Bi-Aura Therapy techniques to immediately benefit family, friends and pets. The workshop is an integral part of the full Bi-Aura training course and must be completed by anyone wanting to go on to qualify as a therapist, many people, however, attend for the self-development qualities it alone offers.
The subjects we cover on workshop days are:

  • Understanding the energy matrix and its influence on us at every level.
  • Accessing our own internal processes.
  • How to communicate with the physical body and improve our health.
  • Seeing, feeling and sensing energy.
  • Working with chakras.
  • Rebalancing and revitalising the energy field.
  • Chi Kung induced energy flow.
  • Interactive sessions of Bi-Aura Therapy.
  • Pattern Recognition.