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Education and Training

The Centre For Human Energy Field Research (CHEFR)
Mark Abadi - Occupational Health Psychologist & Integrated Vibrational Body Therapist

The Energy Centre, 12 New North Road,
Exeter, EX4 4HF.
Tel: 01392 49 50 50

The Centre For Human Energy Field Research (CHEFR) is an independent organisation researching into the well-being of the bio-energetic system. The bio-energetic system is a term to all aspects of the physical, psychological and energetic bodies.
CHEFR funds and supports 'Energy Centres' and training organisations around the world, to educate individuals to living naturally and harmoniously. A large degree of this is the concept of keeping the energy field clean and healthy via the skills and training of yoga, tai chi, nutritional advice as well as other methods.
We are currently have a modest site at which will be updated to being a very large free information site on all aspects of health and well being.

Currently at the Energy Centre we carry out Holistic Health consultations for all new clients. These are 2 hour events and comprises PIP, ESM and Holistic Consultation. During this period our client's current health trajectory is highlighted and discussion occurs as to the best method for them to achieve optimum health. The cost of the HH consultation is 60.
We will also be commencing a new one year bio-energetic course carried out at one full weeked of each month. Details of this will be sent to you when they have been finalised. Upon completion of all the modules you will be awareded a Holistic Bio-Energetic (HBE) Diploma from the Centre For Human Energy Field Research (CHEFR) and the possibility of upgrading to a Doctorate from the Zoroastrian College, India.

The course is planned to include:
Polycontrast Interference Photography Energy Field course
Electro-Dermal Screening )BEST, Vegar, Lybra)
Energy Matrix - Karmachanics & Quantum Physics
Holistic Integrated Practice
Environmental Harmonising
Self Balancing - Auric Hygiene, Yoga, Tai Chi