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Vibrational Healing Foundation (VHF)
Contact: Henriette Maasdijk, 6 Buer Road, London. SW6 4LA
Tel: 020 7736 0283/020 7610 9929

Henriette Maasdijk is a Member of the Crystal & Healing Federation, Member of the BCMA, MNFSH, MAST, Cert Ed, qualified NVQ assessor. Henriette is the director of the Vibrational Healing Foundation. VHF has set, and is committed to maintaining a high standard of training in the fields of crystal and spiritual healing, thereby promoting these therapies in their purest form. It also offers other courses and workshops on healing, development and related subjects to the same high professional standards. VHF also run Stress Buster workshops, designed to help participants recognise their own sources of stress and stress patterns, how to deal with these and thereby clear or eliminate stress related conditions or illness.