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Education and training for scenar

The Scenar Training Centre Ltd (STC)
UK, Germany and Austria, Contact: Dr. Zulia Frost
Flat One, Fawley Lodge, Lansdown Rd, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. GL51 6BQ
Tel: 01242 510 944 / 07779 334 813 Fax: 01242 510 944

The Scenar Training Centre is committed to provide the highest quality of training to the most stringent professional standards. STC has a team of qualified professionals, the most experienced Scenar practitioners and teachers currently operating in the UK.
Some four hundred therapists have been trained to varying levels in Scenar therapy. These therapists have come from both alternative and orthodox medical backgrounds.
The Centre has close liaison with the Russian Scenar scientists who were responsible for the advent and continued development of the Scenar device. STC is able to provide instruction to certification level with the authorisation of the Scenar School in Russia.
STC will offer training from Introductory through to Expert level in the use of Scenar therapy. It will run a variety of specialist courses such as Cosmetology and Sports injuries. It is also our aim to have regular conferences and workshops with the leading Russian Scenar experts.
Dr Zulia Valeyeva-Frost, MD Qualified in Russia as a Doctor of Paediatrics in 1985, specialised in Radiology. Since moving to England she has worked in the Alternative Health field. She is the pioneer of Scenar therapy in the West and is responsible for converting the techniques and skills learned during her frequent visits to Russia and form continuous liaison with the founding practitioners and developers into the first course in the UK. She is the only fully qualified Scenar trainer outside of Russia and is the original source of all translated Scenar research and techniques.