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Astrological Counselling


In astrology, the planets determine your basic strengths, weaknesses and peculiarities. You function through your nature, and therefore your planets influence everything you do. Your horoscope reveals your inclinations and predispositions.
Your past deeds are integrated into your present nature and situation. So, what you are today is a result of how you have been in the past. At every point of choice in your life, what you decide has a bearing on what your future will be.
Astrology can show when the time is favourable or unfavourable for a particular course of action. Astrological Counselling can provide fresh insight into your nature, situation and problem. Working with an astrological counsellor, you can:

  • Develop a fresh insight into your problem
  • Identify and grade the options that you have
  • Pick the option that is best suited to your nature
  • Prepare a strategy for implementing what you have chosen to do
  • Select a time that is favourable for your undertaking.
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