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What is Astrology and how does it work?

" . . . Ask the average person this question and they will probably talk about Sun signs and news-paper columns, such is the general perception of astrology. But dig a little below the surface of this subject and a very different story emerges. The Sun sign columns invented in the 1930s are but a very small part of the public face of astrology over the centuries. "

Astrology is a subject which has fascinated mankind for thousands of years, from its origins in the star gazing of the ancient Sumerians to its applications in the modern world of psychotherapy and personal development. It has been studied and practised in some form in all the major cultures in the world, forming and important strand in the history of those cultures, both East and West.
Once the exclusive domain of Princesses and Kings, astrology in all its richness is nowadays available to all of us. The signs of the zodiac are but a small part of its language; the elements of fire, earth, air and water, the heavenly bodies from the Sun to Pluto, the astrological 'houses' and so on, are all part of the subject of astrology and of the inter-relationship between mankind and the heavens.
It is this relationship, the meaningful connection between us and the visible sky, which astrology seeks to explore - mankind in relation to the wider cosmos, the relationship between the dance of the planets and the inner world of human consciousness and motivation.
Astrology provides one of the most powerful and accurate tools for self-knowledge and understanding that we have available to us and there is a wealth of information and techniques within the subject which can be used in this quest."
Excerpt provided by: Faculty of Astrological Studies
Website: http://www.astrology.org.uk

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