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British Astrological and Psychic Society (BAPS)
Founder President Emeritus - Russell Grant
PO Box 363, Rochester. ME1 3DJ Tel: 09064 700 827

Astrology - Certification (Cert. Astrol. BAPS), fully accredited with Advisory Panel for Astrological Education (APAE)
Tarot - Certification (Cert. Tar. BAPS)
Numerology - Certification (Cert. Num. BAPS)
Palmistry - Certification (Cert. Palm. BAPS)
Psychic Perception - Certification (Cert. Psy. BAPS)
Runes and Others - Certification (Cert. Run. BAPS) All Certificated.

The Centre for Psychological Astrology (CPA)
Contact: Juliet Sharman-Burke (Administrator)
BCM Box 1815, London. WC1N 3XX
Tel/Fax: 02087 492 330

The CPA provides a unique workshop and professional training programme, designed to foster the cross-fertilisation of the fields of astrology and depth, humanistic, and transpersonal psychology.
The main aims and objectives of the CPA professional training course are:

  • To provide students with a solid and broad base of knowledge, within the realms of both traditional astrological symbolism and psychological theory and technique, so that the astrological chart can be sensitively understood and interpreted in the light of modern psychological thought.
  • To make available to students psychologically qualified case supervision, along with background seminars in counselling skills and techniques which can raise the standard and effectiveness of astrological consultation. Please note that no formal training as a counsellor or therapist is provided by the course.
  • To encourage investigation and research into the links between astrology, psychological models, and therapeutic techniques, thereby contributing to and advancing the existing body of astrological and psychological knowledge.

    English Huber School of Astrological Counselling
    P.O. Box 118, Knutsford, Cheshire. WA16 8TG
    Tel/Fax: 01565 651 131
    Principal: Joyce Hopewell, B.A., Dip.API, Cert Ed., Diploma in Personal Psychosynthesis.

    The English Huber School of Astrological Counselling, in association with the Astrological Psychology Institute, Zurich, offers a professional training in Astrological Psychology and Counselling, leading to the internationally recognised Dip.API qualification. The School also offers Foundation courses for beginners. Teaching is by correspondence, with mandatory workshop attendance at Diploma level. A register of qualified Astrological Counsellors and Consultants (UK and overseas) holding the Dip.API is available on application (please send an SAE for this).
    Introductory and self-development workshops are offered as part of the School's ongoing workshop/training programme. These are open to anyone interested in the psychological approach to astrology and chart interpretation, and in using this approach as a tool for developing greater self-awareness.
    The School publishes a 20 page Newsletter twice yearly, which is available on subscription only. Please apply to the School for details of this and for their prospectus, outlining all courses and workshops offered. The School is a member of the Advisory Panel on Astrological Education.

    Faculty of Astrological Studies
    BM 7470, London. WC1N 3XX
    Tel: 07000 790 143
    Please email where possible:
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    Founded in London in 1948 to raise the standards of education in astrology. Since its establishment the Faculty has become known worldwide as a first class astrological teaching body, and its diploma, the D.F. Astrol.S, is among the most highly valued and recognised international qualifications for the serious professional

    London School of Astrology (LSA)
    BCM Planets, London. WC1N 3XX
    Tel: 07002 33 44 55

    Our aim at London School of Astrology is to teach holistic, contemporary and psychologically oriented astrology - to show that divisions between, for example, mind, body and country, are illusory. People, places and things are linked by a common symbolic language. Understanding one can help us understand more clearly the other. Such understanding is a pre-requisite for self-understanding and spiritual growth. It also has practical implications, at LSA, we are not above trying to predict the winner of the 2:30 at Doncaster or which way the stock market might go. But often what is more interesting is not so much working out what WILL happen, so much as working out the Why; the meaning behind a given event. The hermetic axiom, as Above, So Below, As Within, So Without is a central tenet of astrological philosophy and we take pains to make it come alive.
    As well as deepening interpretational skills and learning about the different ways astrology can be applied (relationships, international affairs, health etc.) students will be introduced to how astrological principles link with various forms of psychology, spiritual disciplines and healing. For those who want it, we offer full professional training towards becoming a professional astrologer.
    There is no emphasis on assessments, no cramming to pass examinations at LSA. However, for those who do want qualifications, we do offer examinations each April to test basic competency (Certificate) and professional expertise (Diploma). The school is a member of the Astrological Guild of Educators - an independent and non-profit making, international organization, whose brief is to maintain high standards in astrological education. Qualifying as a professional astrologer takes approx 3 - 4 years.
    Entry requirements: Our courses are open to all regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, disability. No previous knowledge of astrology is required for our Foundation courses. For the Diploma course, we welcome applications from all students of astrology, providing they can show they have reached a level of understanding which would enable them to benefit from the course.

    The Qualifying Horary Diploma Course (QHDC)
    Mongeham Lodge Cottage, Great Mongeham, Deal, Kent. CT14 0HD

    The QHDC is a two year correspondence course leading to a thorough understanding of horary astrology. Central to the course is the study of William Lilly's Christian Astrology(1647) which is the definitive work on the subject and perhaps the most remarkable book ever written on astrology.
    This is an advanced and rewarding course demanding effort and concentration. The course was started by Olivia Barclay in 1984 and has students worldwide.

    Shelley Dunmore
    Swainscombe, The Green, East Knoyle, Salisbury. SP3 6BN
    Tel: 01747 830 224

    Astrology workshops and week-long courses, open to anyone. Colour Therapy, Reiki, Astrology, Flower Remedies. MIAC, Reiki Master, 10 years experience in Transpersonal Astrology, Registered Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner. Shelley is experienced in helping people put their lives back together and encourage their own spiritual and personal growth when they have been swept off course by events.