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British Academy of Graphology
Head of Research: Mrs Savina Serpieri
Fax: 02079 383 941

Mrs Renna Nezos is the Principal of The British Academy of Graphology which she founded together with the London College of Graphology (the teaching body of the Academy) and Scriptor Books (the publishing arm of the Academy) in 1985. In October 1991 the Academy received Government recognition as the most eminent graphological body in the UK. Mrs Nezos has been a practising graphologist for over 40 years and has been teaching the subject since 1975.

The Main Objectives of the British Academy

  • To disseminate and expand the science of graphology;
  • To act as an academic body for the science of graphology;
  • To set the standards of the profession of graphology (qualifying and ethical);
  • To act as the qualifying body, examining any candidates who wish to sit for the British Academy Diploma;
  • To offer, through its teaching body, The London College of Graphology, a 3 year part-time Day Course, starting at beginner's level and leading to The British Academy Diploma.
  • To offer a Correspondence Course leading to The British Academy Diploma.
  • To provide a 2-year Postgraduate Training Programme leading to the Advanced Diploma of The British Academy.
  • To provide postgraduate Workshops and Seminars for the continuous updating of all graphologists.
  • To promote the development of research of the Science of Graphology.
  • To publish the quarterly Journal, Graphology of The British Academy.
  • To publish literature on the science of Graphology and to translate the great classics of graphology as well as current original works through its publishing arm, Scriptor Books

    International Graphology Association (IGA)
    Stonedge, Dunkerton, Bath. BA2 8AS
    Tel: 01761 437 809 Fax:01761 432 572

    The IGA is the only accredited Association offering a professional graphology course. It is a nonprofit body and plays a leading role in developing and refining the techniques of handwriting analysis.
    The IGA continues to undertake research in graphology in order to develop its reliability (so that findings are repeatable); its validity (so that it measures what it is supposed to measure), and its usefulness (so that it delivers results of real value).


  • To provide instruction in techniques of analysis;
  • To provide an examination structure;
  • To set and maintain professional standards;
  • To encourage and develop objective and impartial research;
  • To promote graphology and its use;
  • To provide support to practicing professionals;
  • To publish a magazine and other materials;
  • To encourage continuing professional development of members.
    The Association has various classes of membership designed to meet the needs of all who have an interest in the subject. All members subscribe to a Code of Ethics deigned to ensure confidentiality and high standards.