What is graphology?
It is the study of personality through the analysis of handwriting.

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Is Graphology a science?
Graphology is a mixture of science and art like other social sciences. The first part which is measuring the various parts of the writing is objective. The art side comes in the interpretation of the interaction between these parts within the total handwriting.
What does it reveal?
An in-depth analysis provides a picture of the individuals personality. It will reveal such things as the emotionality, thinking patterns, motivations, whether a person can work alone, etc. It also can show unconscious anxieties which are an important factor in holding us back from achieving.
What about forensic handwriting analysis (forgeries, etc) ?
Forensic handwriting analysis is a discrete subject that requires specialised training and is not within the remit of personality assessment. The Association below can provide names of specialists in this area.
Can you tell dishonesty?
Some people are more inclined to be dishonest than others but it is impossible to tell that a person will commit a dishonest act as circumstances are one of the factors that can affect this. However, if a dishonest act has been committed it might be possible to identify the culprit given all the known facts and using a combination of graphology statement analysis and content assessment.
Information by: The International Graphology Association