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The Use of the Vega machine combines Traditional Acupuncture theory and Classical Homeopathic theory. It enables an experienced practitioner to quickly obtain information about many of the stress factors that come from the environment and which are not usually considered in normal medical testing but which can be responsible for many conditions of chronic illness, unexplainable conditions, conditions in which conventional testing finds nothing wrong, vague or unusual symptoms, and failure to respond to treatment. Some testers, who are not usually health professionals, test only for allergies and for mineral and vitamin deficiencies but they do not exploit the full potential of the Vega test system to track down and unmask the root causes of disease.

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Readings are taken from acupuncture points of very low electrical vibrations from within the body, and they are compared with homeopathic potencies or native substances that are put in the circuit. No needles are used, the readings being taken by the tester who touches the test probe to the point on the surface of the patient's skin. The person being tested has another probe which they hold in their hand, thus completing the circuit. If the normal reading is lowered it indicates that the substance in the circuit with the patient at that time is relevant for them. This can have several interpretations, including:
1. The person being tested does not tolerate the substance that is in the circuit, or that
2. They have an infection or a poisoning with that substances.
The really powerful aspect of Vega testing is in the detective work that is possible following the identification of the relevant stress factors and the stressed organs in the patient's body. This is done by a technique called filtering and it involves placing or more test substances in the circuit with the patient at the same time.
This enables a skilled tester to gather much more precise and useful information about the patient's condition. This is not possible by a tester who is only testing for allergies, which in most cases are actually secondary symptoms to the primary stress factors and will only be resolved when the causal roots are removed from the patients. The filtering technique determine the relationships between the various indications, for example to find;

  • the most stressed organs
  • the key blocking factors to a person's ability to apply their own immune system
  • the organs that are most affected by a chemical or heavy metal toxin or by electromagnetic stress
  • the origin of chain reactions that have occurred in the body
  • disturbed meridians
  • the precise location in the jaw of a root canal or a filling that is disturbing the whole body's functioning
  • the priorities and order of any treatment or medicaments that will be needed.
    The Vega machine is also used therapeutically to test for the effectiveness of remedies or medicines before they are taken.
    Remedies that indicate improved Biological Vitality or which filter positively against a stressed organ are considered to be effective.
    This was the original finding that led to the development of the Vega system.
    The Vega machine first appeared in 1978, the first Bioenergetic testing device. The new generation Vegatest Expert device (1997), which is partly computerised, takes the testing possibilities to a greater level of precision, particularly in the analysis of Residual Toxins (from unresolved previous illness, negative vaccination effects, viral fragments, pharmaceutical and chemical toxicities etc.)
    The Vega Testing Expert also provides Energy Screening; a general overview before the main testing that enables the tester to identify general trends. This includes an assessment of energy distribution in different areas of the body, of areas where the body does not adapt well under stress and of the likely location of blocks to normal function and normal recovery.
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