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Education and Training

Education & Training accredited by The British Allergy Foundation:

Allergy Testing
   Diploma in Allergy, accredited by the University of Greenwich. Internet based open learning course for healthcare professionals. Commencing January 2003 and October 2003. PGEA accreditation applied for.

Clinical Skills Course
   Open to healthcare professionals who have already undertaken an approved course in allergy. The Clinical Skills Course will provide practical experience in history taking and diagnostic techniques etc. through two 'taught' days and observation visits. PGEA accreditation applied for.

Allergy Road Shows
   To provide basis awareness and understanding of allergy for teachers, nursery nurses, pharmacy assistants and carers of people with allergy. There will be one road show in London and one in Manchester from April 2002.

For further details of these courses, please contact Reagan Chambers: Tel: 02083 038 525