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Advanced Tachyon Technologies
480 Tesconi Circle, Santa Rosa, Ca. 95401 USA
Website: www.tachyon-energy.com

As a global company, Advanced Tachyon Technologies is committed to the healing and transformation of our personal and planetary worlds. Our philosophy of creating balance focuses not only on visible, physical results, but also on the healing of our entire being and the expansion of our awareness. Reconnecting with the sweet inner peace of our Self is the greatest healing of all.
Tachyon Energy provides a marvelous enrichment for a life oriented towards integration, love, harmony and cooperation. It opens a doorway that allows you to connect with, and experience the joy of, your own inner radiance.
As a company, we are dedicated to the education of all who are interested in growth and healing. We strive to bring you the highest quality tools at the lowest price. We label and package our products in an informative, yet simple way, always looking for the most environmentally friendly, cost-effective methods.
In support of our planets healing, we donate part of every purchase to Peace 21 and the Global Foundation. Peace 21 is a non-profit, non-political peace network of over 3,000,000 participants in 48 countries.