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The UK Polarity Therapy Association
Monomark House, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London. WC1N 3XX
Tel: 07007 052 748

Polarity Therapy is a natural health care system founded by Dr Stone based upon the universal principles of energy: attraction, repulsion and neutrality. The interrelation of these universal principles form the basis of every aspect of life, including our experience of health, well being, illness and disease. With this understanding, Polarity Therapy addresses the interdependence of body, mind, and spirit; the importance of relationships; the value of creating a way of life in harmony with nature. As part of the larger field of Energy Medicine, Polarity Therapy complements existing systems with an integrated, holistic model. Polarity Therapy is a transforming influence for change in health care and in wellness education.

The Profession
The profession of Polarity Therapy is autonomous, self-regulating, and holistic. Its scope of practice includes energetic approaches to somatic contact, verbal facilitation, nutrition, exercise and health education. Entry into the profession requires a thorough knowledge of energetic principles. The course of study includes entry level and advanced education, with certification programmes in basic and advances topics.
As a profession, Polarity Therapy upholds basic values such as service, diversity, spirituality, the sacredness of relationship, community outreach, accessibility, and the Polarity Therapy professionals continual growth and development. Future-sighted and research oriented, Polarity Therapy professionals are both participants and leaders in redefining the health care field.