Emotional Therapy


Emotional Therapy is a means of helping people who are suffering emotional turmoil in their lives, whether brought about by a crisis, a long term situation, persistent unhappiness, apathy, depression or difficulties in relating to others.

Emotional Therapists, using an emotional, spiritual and inner child model, assist and support their clients in acknowledging and dealing with suppressed emotional pain in a healthy and integrated manner. This brings individuals to a greater self-knowledge and personal strength from which they can more effectively cope with, and enrich their lives.

How does it differ from Counselling or Psychotherapy?
Emotional Therapy holds the holistic premise that the spirit is of equal importance to the mind and body. It differs from more conventional counselling in that rather than simply using the mind to analyse symptoms, it seeks to promote healing of the original emotional wounds by working through the feelings. Its aim is to bring clients to that wholeness from which they can comfortably live in their world and manage their lives.

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