Emotional Therapy


Orgs and Education and training

The Foundation for Emotional Therapy
Website: www.emotionaltherapy.co.uk

Registered as a charity in 1993, the aim of the Foundation is to provide trained Emotional Therapists so that those who are in need of Emotional Therapy have access to this type of healing.
Emotional Therapists subscribe to a code of ethics and practice and have a commitment to ongoing training and supervision to ensure that the Foundations standards are maintained.

Enquiries about Emotional Therapy should be addressed to:
Carolyn Finlay
226 London Road, Cheltenham. GL52 6HW
Tel: 01242 528 363
Email: Cassian@starwheel.fsnet.co.uk

Enquiries about courses and training should be addressed to:
Jane Rochfort
The Training Co-Ordinator
20 Coldicott Gardens, Cheltenham Road, Evesham. WR11 6JW
Tel: 0138 649 424
Email: Jane.Rochfort@btclick.com