Electromagnetic Field Balancing Technique


A system of self-empowerment and self-enablement, the EMF Balancing Technique is a new energy system which was originated and developed by Peggy Phoenix Dubro. It is designed to work directly with the Universal Calibration Lattice (ULC), a newly evolved part of the human energy anatomy, which has evolved due to the leap in the consciousness of humanity that has recently taken place.

It is a system of self-empowerment and self-enablement designed to strengthen the electromagnetic field and enable us to co-create our reality with greater clarity and efficiency in the new energy. It facilitates the graceful release of issues that may be holding us back in our life so that we can begin to move into our own unique potential.

A simple procedure anyone can learn
The EMF Balancing Technique is a simple, systematic procedure anyone can learn and begin to use immediately. No previous knowledge or practice is required and there are no waiting times between workshops.

The focus of the technique
The technique utilizes the human-to-human effect upon the electromagnetic field. The practitioner performs simple, graceful, Tai Chi like movements and traces four set patterns through the energy field, which facilitate the calibration of the ULC.
These four types of session are known as the Four Phases. When traced through the field they accelerate the integration of spirit and biology and reawaken the individual's innate wisdom. The focus of the technique is to facilitate holding more balance both within yourself and with others in everyday life and to practice living in self-mastery on a daily basis.
The basic intent is to balance the electromagnetic field and allow the client to open up as many circuits as possible to the cosmic lattice.

Spoken intents
The practitioner speaks aloud various intents relating to different parts of the ULC. The energy of the spoken word amplifies and magnifies the effect of the the intent. This also actively involves the client in the calibration process.

The technique is non-diagnostic. There are no value judgements to make, only energy fibres reorganizing, and the practitioner is a facilitator/catalyst for the process. The practitioner simply follows the patterns, working through different parts of the ULC. The client responds to these energy patterns in their own personal way according to their inner wisdom.



Self-regulating and self-directing
The energy is self-regulating and self-directing, so the outcome of the session is always determined by the client's inner wisdom, according to their needs at the time.
Calibration occurs for everyone whether or not one is conscious of it. Most people feel the energy moving through their bodies but this is not necessary for a successful session.

Practitioners receive as they give
As the practitioner performs the session on the client, both of their energy fields respond to the pattern and become more balanced. So the practitioner also receives the benefits of the session that they are giving.
Information by: www.emfbalancingtechnique.co.uk