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Crystals have been used down through history for healing, personal reflection and meditation. Crystals work well with the human energy field, they can move, absorb, focus, direct and diffuse energy within the body. When the body is unwell or dis-eased it is usually because the person has in some way, lost their balance/natural rhythm. Working with crystalline energy helps the body to find that natural rhythm again.
The crystal's perfect atomic structure, gives out a resonance of perfection, a pattern for the body to follow. By attuning to and channelling Divine healing energy and using the crystals as a powerful healing tool a wonderful healing vibration is achieved.
Crystal Healing is a therapy which is non invasive and can be used in conjunction with a number of other therapies and orthodox medicine.

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Gemstone Therapy

The essence of Crystal Healing is to assist the body in healing itself. Crystal has a perfect atomic structure, which gives out a resonance of perfection, a blue print for the human body to follow.
Working in a space attuned to promote peace and well being the healer will help you to help a strong emphasis on self empowerment for the patient.
The intention is that each patient receives that which isfor their highest good and in tune with their healing journey at this time.
During the crystal healing session you will be asked to either lay on a couch or to sit in a chair, removal of clothing is required, only your shoes, for your own comfort.
The healer will help you to relax usually with a visualization or music.will be placed on or around you, in some instances a combination of both.
The sessions run for one hour and a brief profile will be taken on the first visit.

Benefits of Crystal Healing
Crystal Healing gives you the time to step out of the hustle and bustle of every day life.
Time for yourself.
While receiving healing you may experience a sense of deep relaxation and well being.When the body is relaxed the immune system works more efficiently.Relaxation also aids in the relief of stress.Crystals can help with a number of conditions and situations.

Crystal Healing gives you time to connect to your place of inner peace and healing.
Crystal Therapy can assist with:

  • Deep Relaxation
  • Self Development
  • Stress Relief
  • Improved Self Confidence
  • Focus
  • Self Awareness
  • Balance between Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Life Path
  • Creativity
  • Spiritual Development
  • Clearer Communication between Self and Others
  • Self empowerment and Responsibility
  • Moving Through Change
    Introduction by the ICCH
    International College of Crystal Healing
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