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Education and training

The following schools and training organizations are all members of ACHO:

Academy of Crystal and Natural Healing (ACNH)
Highland Holistic Centre, Craig Gowan, Carrbridge, Inverness-shire, Scotland. PH33 3AX
Tel: 01479 841257
Director: Sue Richter

The headquarters are set in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, where we offer residential, part-time courses. Non-residential courses are held throughout the UK and worldwide. The courses are designed to encourage and develop the students own healing and intuitive powers, giving enough space within the guidelines of the therapy for personal creativity. Drawing on the healing traditions of the native Americans, Oriental medicine and Indian philosophy, as well as Western metaphysics, the course teaches the student the best of worldwide techniques.

Academy of Crystal Enlightenment (ACE)
9 Courthope Road, Greenford, Middlesex, UB6 8PZ
Tel: 0208 578 0960
Principal: Ivy Smith

Located in Greenford, the Academy of Crystal Enlightenment offers the serious student of crystal a thorough grounding in their therapeutic use, together with the opportunity to further their growth in spiritual understanding and personal development. The two-year part-time diploma course is run over twelve weekends with additional practical and theoretical coursework and case studies, enabling the dedicated student to become fully conversant with the use of crystals.
Ivy Smith, the principal, has been working as a healer for many years. She studied Raj Yoga from the age of seventeen and later Hatha Yoga. Ivy is an experienced trance medium and runs spiritual development groups, sound and crystal workshops and a healing centre.

Cornwall School of Crystal Healing (CSCH)
Morden Farm, Callington, Cornwall. PL17 8BY
Tel: 01579 350783
Principal: Sue Weaver

The philosophy of the Cornwall School of Crystal Healing is based on the understanding that every individual is a potential healer. From the sound basis of thorough training the individual is enabled to discover and develop their own way. The course assists the students to develop their sensitivity to universal energy, to attune to and resonate with the energies of crystal and gemstones to provide a practical working knowledge of their application in healing, and to strengthen their own energy field. We teach counselling throughout the course to enable the healer to deal with issues that arise in the healing process - their own and those of their clients.

Geometrics of Self Healing (GOSH)
19 Gorse Green, Bluebell Estate, Peterborough, Cambs. PE1 3XB
Tel: 01733 347190/234385
Principals: Robina Corby & Maureen Callacher

Founded in 1995 by Robina and Maureen who are sisters working together in balance and harmony. Using crystal energies and other therapy techniques to help to heal the self. A healer is only a reflection of themselves. So the more a person works on themselves, the deeper the healing is on others. We run a two-year Crystal Therapy Diploma course every Feb/Sept in the Heart of Rutland. Giving each student the chance to gain knowledge and understanding of the Crystals and to encourage students to explore and expand in a unique and fun way.

Institute of Advanced Crystal Healers (IACH)
Turnpike Cottage, Chawleigh, Chumleigh, Devon, EX18 7EU
Tel: 01769 580913
Principals: Diana and Colin Kingshott

IACH is a training body for the promotion of Crystal Gem and other Vibrational Methods of Healing, in the holistic sense and in reference to the health and well-being of the human being healing all aspects of Mind and Body, also the multi-dimensional facets of Spirit.
A system that leaves out, denies or ignores the existence of the spiritual dimension cannot be called holistic. Intensive and comprehensive crystal courses run throughout the year using holistic syllabuses based upon the fact that we are a holistic life form.

The International Association of Crystal Healing Therapists (IACHT)
PO Box 344, Manchester, M60 2EZ.
Tel: 01200 426061 Fax: 01200 444776
Principals: Sue Baron, Hazel Raven, Graham Raven

Founded in 1986 the IACHT offers a two-year, part-time professional course for crystal healing therapists covering twelve weekends. Courses are currently offered by the tutorial team in Manchester, Nottingham and Scotland. It is the aim of the IACHT that all tutors have a qualification in education as well as being practising therapists.
Hazel and Graham, whose healing and self empowerment work began 30 years ago travel extensively, giving workshops on crystals, yoga, meditation and angels. Hazel is an acclaimed therapist who has widely promoted crystal healing in the media, and has recently written definitive books on crystal healing and working with the chakras.

The International College of Crystal Healing (ICCH)
PO Box 738, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 9GA
Tel/Fax: 01227 472435
Principal: Stephanie Harrison FGA, Cert.Ed.,FMICCH, MNFSH

The ICCH aims to offer training courses which encourage students to discover and develop their own spiritual truth and philosophy within a safe and sacred environment. A postgraduate training programme is available to qualified crystal therapists and there is a part-time one-year teacher training course.
Advanced healing and spiritual development courses are offered including: Sacred Geometry, Five Element Healing and the Healers Quest. ICCH also offer courses for holistic health professionals who wish to integrate crystals into therapy practices.
ICCH was formed in 1990 by Stephanie Harrison, a healer and lecturer of many years experience and author of several books about crystal healing. Courses offered in London, Surrey and Kent.

The Institute of Crystal & Gem Therapists (ICGT)
PO Box 6, Exminster, Exeter, Devon, EX6 8YE
Tel: 01392 832005
Principals: Simon Lilly MA(Hons), Sue Lilly Cert.Ed.

Founded in 1985, The Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists offers a two-year, part-time course based in Exeter. The course is in modules, covering the ACHO/OCN Core Curriculum, plus dowsing, muscle-testing, environmental and geopathic stress, colour healing, crystal nets and gem essences. We teach a flexible, but structured and practical approach within which students are encouraged to develop their own skills. Simon and Sue Lilly are authors of several books on crystal healing techniques, colour, essences, plant spirit healing and healing with astrology and are well known for their down-to-earth, straightforward approach. Other courses available.

Lucis School of Crystal Healing (LSCH)
The Coach House, 38 Knoll Road, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 3EP
Tel: 01306 882291
Principal: Shirley O'Donoghue

The Lucis College offers a wide range of courses including one leading to a professional practitioner qualification in Crystal Therapy, taught in a module form. These modules cover dowsing, colour healing, gem and crystal essences, crystal grids in addition to the ACHO core curriculum.
The emphasis is on students developing their own approach by building upon their own abilities, empowering them as much as possible. Introductory workshops are also available on Crystals, Connecting with Colour, Flower Essence Practitioner courses, etc. For more information please see our website.

The School of White Crystal Healing (SWCH)
Paradise Valley, Glyncar, Llangynin, St.Clears, Carmarthen, Wales. SA33 4JY
Tel: 01994 230212
Principal: Kathy Roberts

Paradise Valley is set in the beautiful countryside of S.W.Wales. We offer a two-year part-time residential and non-residential course. Also shorter courses in working with crystal, sound, colour with a shamanic background. The emphasis in the courses is on self development, personal empowerment, developing awareness of crystal energies and universal web energies of which we are part.

Spiritual Venturers Association (SVA)
72 Pasture Road, Goole, East Yorkshire.
Tel: 01405 769119
Principal: Kath Huddlestone

Founded in 1970 the Spiritual Venturers Association offers a Two Year Course in Crystal Healing Therapy. A part-time in-depth course which leads to a professional qualification. The aim of which is to give a thorough understanding of the theory and practice of the physical and metaphysical properties of the mineral kingdom, encouraging the individual to develop their own true potential as a Crystal Healer.
Kath Huddlestone Crystal Healer, Aromatherapist and originator of Healing Sleep opened her Centre in 1981 and has gathered a team of tutors together who are available at the following locations: Bedfordshire, Cleveland, Cornwall, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Northumberland, Yorkshire, Austria, Australia, South Africa. Other workshops and courses available, details on request.

Vibrational Healing Foundation (VHF)
6 Buer Road, London SW6 4LA
Tel: 02077 360 283 / 02076 109 929
Contact: Henriette Maasdijk

Member of the Crystal & Healing Federation, Member of the BCMA, MNFSH, MAST, CertEd, qualified NVQ assessor.
Henriette is the director of the Vibrational Healing Foundation. VHF has set and is committed to maintaining a high standard of training in the fields of crystal and spiritual healing, thereby promoting these therapies in their purest form. It also offers other courses and workshops on healing, development and related subjects to the same high professional standards. VHF also runs Stress Buster workshops, designed to help participants recognise their own sources of stress and stress patterns, how to deal with these and thereby clear or eliminate stress related conditions or illness.