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Gemstone Therapy

Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO)
PO Box 100, Exminster, Exeter, Devon. EX6 8YT
Tel/fax: 01479 841 450

ACHO was formed in 1988 by a group of crystal healing organisations to promote training and competence in crystal healing therapy and to act as a nationally recognised representative body for crystal healing. Each school teaches courses that last for at least two years. They include in the course an agreed Core Curriculum that makes up a maximum of one half of the course. This part of the course has been validated and accredited through the National Open College Network to the equivalent of 'A' level or NVQ Level 3. Please contact individual schools for details of their syllabus, fee structure and application form. The following abbreviations are applicable to each member organization of ACHO:
Lic (Licentiate Member): Licentiates have completed at least Year 1 of their professional training and are licensed to work professionally.
M (Member, Fully Qualfied) or G (Graduate): Practitioners who have completed their certificated training.
TM (Teaching Member) FM (Founder), F (Fellow), P (Principal) - Founder or principal of the organisation.