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Education and Training for Counselling

The National Centre for Eating Disorders
54 New Road, Esher, Surrey. KT10 9NU
Tel: 01372 469 493 Fax: 01372 469 550

In 1999 the NCFED pioneered a complete training programme for clinicians wishing to work with eating disordered persons. The training has been recommended by the British Association for Counselling and the British Psychological Society. Most of the graduates of this training have joined the NCFED therapy network, which now claims over 40 regional affiliates throughout the UK, working both within and outside the NHS. Deanne Jade, Founder of the NCFED, also designs seminars specific to client needs and, this year, will offer training to Hypnotherapists, child-care workers, the BACP and to General Practitioners and Nutritionists.