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Chiropractic for Animals

Daniel D. Palmer introduced the term chiropractic to mean adjustments of the bones made by the hands alone, from the Greek words Kheir meaning hand and praktikos meaning done by.
He founded the first school of chiropractic, Palmer College in lowa, and was suceeded by his son B.J. Palmer. It was one of his early students, Dr. Mary Walker DC, who taught chiropractic to John McTominey in the 1950s.

McTimoney was to further develop the techniques he was taught and extended their use to animals. The swiftness of the adjustments he devised requires great sensitivity and skill, and once mastered the McTimoney method has proved to be extremely effective. Chiropractic is a  drugless and non-surgical form of therapy, and with the McTimoney gentle approach and reliance on the hand. It has not deviated from the original ideals of chiropractic. Because of these unique qualities, the John McTimoney method is distinguished from other manipulative methods.
Information provided by: The McTimoney College of Chiropractic