Colour Therapy


Aura Soma
Education and training

Aquarian Studios
Contact: Megan Wingfield
Trederwen, Bod Ivan, Milford Road, Newton,
Powys. SY16 7DD
Tel: 01686 621 779

Twelve years ago I began to train as a healer. When sitting in meditation I could see beautiful pictures formed in light energy through my third eye. Wanting to share these pictures with others, I translated them into canvas. What followed was a course in colour therapy and an ability to take diction from the Universal Mind and Spirit.
All of this became a unique and special book, a jewel of light and colour to celebrate the Third Millennium.
This book is a therapy for the soul. I now run healing course, and provide healing and colour through my pictures. Please visit my website, or call for more details.

ASIACT (For details, see Organisations)

Centre of New Directions
Contact: Pamela Blake Wilson, White Lodge, Stockland Green Road, Speldjurst, TunbridgeWells. TN3 0TT
Tel: 01892 863 166 Fax: 01892 861 330

Pamela has been a practicing therapist for 11 years. She combines healing with body alignment. Pamela practices and teaches at the Centre of New Directions. Please call for more details.

CTA (For details see Organisations)

Colours of the Soul - June Macleod
PO Box 306, Camberley. GU15 2LE
Tel: 0127 662 940

June MacLeod has worked in the colour therapy/psychology field for 20 years. June is a colour consultant to a wide range of businesses and organisations, including the AA, Crown Paints, PC World, PC Advisor, Dorling Kindersley, childrens nurseries and Hospital Trusts. She has advised companies on holistic interior design, product marketing and product design using her extensive knowledge in colour psychology techniques to enhance wellbeing, balance, efficiency and sales. June developed and endorsed the first colour therapy range of paints in the UK with Crown Paints. She teaches professional courses in colour to Diploma level.
Appearing on radio and TV, she is the author of the book Colours of the Soul.

Deborah Italiano
32 Rogers House, Page Street, Pimlico. SW1P 4EX
Tel: 02078 211 143
Email: deborah@mantracolour.fre

Comprehensive training in this unique method, combining colour and sound therapy, vibration theory, and colour Feng-Shui, leading to a diploma of Colour Therapy. The school of Mantra Colour Healing is affiliated to the IAC: and is in association with Hygeia College.

The Dinshah Health Society
100 Dinshah Drive Malaga 8328, NJ, USA

Pioneered by Dinshah Ghadiali in the UK, involving the application of colour lights through plastic filters.

Dorothye Parker
28 Devonshire Road, Bognor Regis. PO21 2SY
Tel/fax: 01243 822 089

Light and Colour Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Colour Psychologist, NLP Master Practitioner (Stenhouse Consultancy, Cardiff), Past Life and Spirit Releasement Therapist (trained with American teacher, practising for 3 years), Crystals. Published author. MCMA (Mbr of the Complementary Therapy Association), MSc in Mental Health, Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis (London College of Clinical Hypnosis). Dorothye is Principal of the Colour Resonance School and Director of Parker Training Development Services (PTDS) in Bognor Regis. It is there she also runs a psychological counselling practice using modalities of light and colour in conjunction with Eriksonian hypnosis, NLP and other appropriate techniques. As an NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and from development of this into Past Life Regression and Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT), Dorothye is one of the few qualified therapists practicing SRT in this country.

Hygeia College of Colour Therapy
Brook House, Avening, Tetbury.
Tel: 01453 832 150 Fax: 01453 835 757

Theo Gimbel in Gloustershire (England) re-awakened interest in colour light therapy in the 1970s and remains a powerful international lecturer and teacher.
Theo Gimbel founded the International Association of Colour in 1984.

IAC (For details, see Organisations)

Veronica Christina Kemp
Peacehaven 8, Redbridge, Stantonbury. MK14 6BB
Tel/fax: 01908 315 209

MIAC, Dip.Soc, MNFSH. Veronica has been working as a healer for 20 years. She can combine her skills in all the above therapies to devise a programme of healing to suit the individual, and is available for home and hospital visits. Please call or email for more details.
Veronica also provides courses for a Diploma in Colour Therapy, and healing workshops.
Please call or email for more details.

Oracle School of Colour - Pauline Wills
9 Wyndale Avenue, Kingsbury, London. NW9 9PT
Tel/fax: 02082 047 672

Colour Practitioner, Reflexologist, Teaches Yoga (taught by an Indian Guru 30 years ago).
MIAC, H,Dip.C,Th (Hygeia Diploma for Colour Therapy), MMBRA ( British Reflexology Association).
Pauline has also had lyengar training. Pauline runs the Oracle school of Colour, and initiated the integration of colour and reflexology. She now teaches colour therapy integration to qualified reflexologists. The School is affiliated to the CMA. Pauline is a qualified Dental Nurse (DNA), and is also a published author.

Jill Rodgman
6 Gloucester Road, Trowbridge. BA14 0AA
Tel: 01225 781 843

Colour Therapy, Light Therapy, Design and Energy Work. MIAC, H.Dip. CTh, Cert.Ed, Btec (Interior Design), City and Guilds (Specialist Paint). Jill is a lecturer and colour design practitioner.
As a lecturer in Colour and Light, Jill teaches in a number of local colleges, and also does workshops, summer schools and freelance work. Please call for more details.
Jill has been working in interior design for 9 years, and is currently setting up a Gallery/Studio intergrating colour and health - she is also a qualified nurse.

Simon Rosenberg
8 Lloyd Park Avenue, Croyden. CRO 5SA
Tel/Fax: 02086 809 228

Simone is a registered teacher of Aura-Soma up to level 3 (TASIACT) and has been an Aura-Soma practitioner for over 6 years.