Colour Therapy


Aura Soma

Art & Science International Academy of Colour Technology (ASIACT)
c/o Devaura, Little London, Tetford, Lincs. LN9 6QL
Tel: 01507 533 218

The ASIACT was established in England as an educational trust which is now a U.K. registered charity yet is a truly international organisation. Through work with the Aura-Soma Colour Training System, the Academy now has over 13,000 students and contacts in more than 30 countries.
The head office and residential training centre, Dev Aura, is located in the village of Tetford, in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds, an area of rural England. It is a haven of peace and beauty in which visitors and students alike may explore their true colours. The primary object of the Academy is to achieve advancement of education in and understanding of the practice of colour therapy.
To help fulfill this object the Academy aims to:

  • promote and encourage appropriate training courses and other facilities which enhance the quality of colour therapy.
  • publish educational material such as research papers, books, magazines and periodicals relating to colour therapy.
  • convene seminars, conferences and other types of meetings to discuss the practice of colour therapy.
  • promote research into the improvement of colour therapy and disseminate any useful results. provide a meeting point where Practitioners can be found by potential clients.
  • establish clear ethical codes and professional standards for the Practitioners we promote.

    ASIACT is committed to excellence in colour research, education and training.

    The Colour Therapy Association (CTA)
    PO Box 1121, Chessington, Surrey. KT9 2WQ
    Tel/fax: 01276 683 111

    The CTA is an independent organisation (not affiliated to any particular training school), which is actively involved in spreading the message about the latest research and innovation in the use of Colour Therapy. It is a non-profit-making organisation, which grants access to a cohesive and experienced team with whom practicing colour therapists can work and develop.
    The CTA is served by a committee with patrons: Dr Christine Page (Founding), Mary Hykel Hunt, Helen Graham, Dr Elisabeth Kubler Ross, Dr Jacom Liberman, Denise Linn, Penter Mandel, Ina Van der Vorm, Derek Hawkins and June Macleod. The CTA offers insurance to its Full Members, provides a quarterly magazine and a comprehensive range of help sheets for those interested in taking up the therapy as a career.
    If you are interested in colour and colour therapy, or a student both in the UK and oversees you may apply to the CTA for Associate Member status and share in the benefits. To become a Full Member you must be a qualified colour therapist holding a recognised colour therapy diploma, again from the UK or oversees.

    The International Association of Colour (IAC)
    46 Cottenham Rd, Histon, Cambridge. CB4 9ES
    Tel: 01223 563 403

    The International Association of Colour, founded in 1984 is an independent lead body and umbrella group which seeks to promote the global awareness of colour in all its forms. IAC is non-profit making and is financially dependent on the annual subscription of its members. IAC promotes and supports its members, and they are involved in a diverse colour world which includes colour therapists, spiritual and energy healers, artists, designers, psychotherapists, and holistic medical practitioners. IAC actively promotes research into colour therapy and provides a free research protocol for this purpose.
    AFFILIATED TO: ICM, BHMA, The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines and Colour for Health Guild Inc. New Zealand.
    FULL MEMBER: (MIAC) may practice at their own discretion. They have been through a full training with a recognised Colour School and graduated with a diploma or have been established for 3 years or more in the field of Colour Therapy without recognised training. Full Members comply with the IAC Code of Ethics.
    PRACTITIONER MEMBERS: (PMIAC) have been through full training with a recognised Colour School and have been in practice in excess of 3 years. They have submitted case studies and sponsors to the International Association of Colour and their status has been examined and confirmed by the IAC Committee. They have professional experience in the therapeutic use of Colour and they are currently practising Colour Healing on a one-to-one clinical basis.
    Practitioner Members are fully insured for public liability and professional indemnity and comply with the IAC Code of Ethics.
    COLOUR TRAININC CENTRES affiliated to the International Association of Colour uphold the highest standards and incorporate the IAC Core Curriculum currently in force. They submit current promotional materials and the course syllabus on an annual basis.