Addiction Recovery


First of all, a definition of what addiction is not. It is nothing to do with lack of will-power or intelligence. In fact, if you are an addict, you probably have above-normal rations of both will-power and intelligence.
Sometimes there is just a hint or two of addiction, that something is not quite right.
It becomes far more painful if you wait till later, when you are desperate to stop and dont know how to. It is equally as painful to watch someone close sink into the degradation which accompanies full-blown addiction. On the way, everyone will have suffered increasing damage from rages, arguments, financial difficulties, social embarrassments, stress, unpredictability, accidents and injuries, and emotional and physical illnesses.
The good news is that there are solutions which work. And you do not have to reach the worst stages of addiction before you try them and reverse your situation.

We are an addictive society. Everyone will feel some of the symptoms of addiction to some degree. It does not necessarily mean that you are addicted: it is to what degree it affects your life that is important.
But recovering from addiction means a new and fulfilling way of life. It is usually a much happier one. The trials of everyday life must still be dealt with, but our attitude to them can change: crises can happen around us, not to us.
If this happier, more fulfilling way of life can be achieved by addicts who were once spiralling to total destruction, it can hold some excellent lessons for others who, even though not so addicted, want to improve their own lives with some of that happiness and fulfilment.
Deirdre Boyd
Foundation Recovery Addiction

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